Web Developer


Web development is what I do. It's in my blood. There is no greater communication platform than the internet. I cherish any and every opportunity to be a part of it. My experience tells me what works. My knowledge tells me how it needs to be made. My "gut" tells me the rest.

Web Interaction and Projects

Passionate about the internet and open source, Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP ( LAMP ).


PHP, HTML, CSS, MySql, sQlite, Apache, Linux, GIT, Java-script, Ajax, jQuery, JSON, Project Management, Mock-Ups.


Functions and snippets of code kept on Snipplr.
Profile here: Snipplr Profile - http://snipplr.com/users/brownrl/


I play around with projects on GitHub.
Profile here: http://github.com/brownrl/

Not that it matters but I use Sublime Text and I am stickler for readability and indenting. I also like to make sure that the code I write is VALID.


I have developed my own web project framework called: Skeleton. It's a completely free to use framework that will enable immediate and effective project protoyping and wireframing.

Social Media

Fully capable to develop applications that integrate Facebook Connect, LinkedIN, Twitter, Tumblr, Blogger.

Common Frameworks and Tools

Able to work with Sylex, Code Igniter, Symfony, Zend Framework, MVC Frameworks, Drupal, Twitter Bootstrap Wordpress, CMS Made Simple, phpDocumentor and most importantly, other people.

Certifications and Credentials

w3c certified

w3 Schools certified in PHP.

I am also able to score 100% on Codility tests for PHP and Javascript:
codility logo
Codility Result 1
Codility Result 2
Codility Result 3
Codility Result 4

Past and Present Brands

As an employee and as a Freelancer I have done work on the following brands:

VRT, Sporza, IBA, Vita-Plus, Renault, Desperados, European Travel Comission, Delacre, Harley Davidson, Unilever, Panzani, JobAt, Cultuurnet, Volvo, Sanofi Pasteur, Peugeot, Doctors with out Borders, Mitsubishi, ING Bank, Yamaha Motors, TGV, Pepsi Cola, NMBS/SNCB, STIB/MIVB, Jacqmotte, Côte d'Or, Kraft, Evian, Danone, Badoit, Balada, Vichy, Inno, TEC, Coca Cola, Certipost, Grand Valley State University, Smiths Industries Aerospace, Lockheed Martin, Eyetronics, Easics

Personal Details

Experience in Web Development

Since 1996, I have in one form or another been involved in making, developing, creating, digital projects. My career has taken me from Grand Rapids, Michigan to Washington DC to Sweden to Houston, Texas to Belgium. I work for various clients making anything digital that is interesting and fun.

Who I Have Worked For

The Future

The next chapter will include:


Grand Valley State University - Grand Rapids, Michigan - USA
Degree in Computer Sciences
Completed April 2000

Studied abroad one semester at the University of Uppsala Sweden.